seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary- the soul in every day people, lovers, friends, players and characters.

Mahmoudi is a self-taught artist. After a brief course in high school, he started painting the people he encountered & observed in his daily life and through his travels. He created drawings, paintings and artworks based on real people.

His art depicts men, women and couples in myriad situations and environments, and their interactions with each other. His use of color makes his work joyful and vibrant, enticing the viewer to step into the scene.

“I have this big passion – thinking about the existence of man and woman and what brings them together. I am fascinated by these characters which I bring into my artworks.”

“I am probably a bit optimistic on these relationships which makes me happy because I believe that humans can manage to have happy relationships as well as fun and joy in their lives, and that is what my ART stands for. It represents those good ‘KODAK’ moments that are to be cherished for a lifetime.”

All of his works are based on his hand drawn sketches, with the use of the collage & decoupage techniques, and then digitised for PRINTS and NFT ready for the future..